The Face of Women in Manufacturing of Bergen County: Christine Brenner

Christine Brenner, President & CEO

BRENNER METAL PRODUCTS, family-owned manufacturer of field hospital and emergency management equipment for the Department of Defense, supplied the DOD’s field hospital beds for decades. Christine Brenner embraced the government’s request for a new bed design just as she became the company’s president and CEO in 2011. Brenner Metal Products, a certified Woman Owned Manufacturer/Federal Contractor, is now one of New Jersey’s companies to watch. “Our products are proudly made in America,” says Christine about Brenner’s expanding product line that can be rapidly deployed in the U.S. and overseas. She’s also formed the Brenner Foundation to support community veterans and homeless. It’s probably no surprise to hear that this local powerhouse also owns Moxie Blow Dry & Beauty Salon in Ridgewood where Christine inspires women to look and feel their best.

Brenner Metal Products

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