The Faces of Holistic/Biologic Oral Surgery

Justin Ponquinette, DMD | Atlantic Oral Surgery Center
22 Atlantic Oral Surgery


At Atlantic Oral Surgery, patients are ensured a path to successful and long-lasting treatment through healthier, cutting-edge care in the safest, least toxic way. Dr. Justin Ponquinette, a certified naturopath, is one-of-a-kind in the way he practices oral surgery. Following in the footsteps of the evolving use of homeopathic treatments in healthcare, Dr. Ponquinette embraces natural, holistic dentistry for accelerated healing and improved patient comfort helping to establish optimal health by supporting the inherent self-healing process.

Dr. Ponquinette knows that oral health has a great impact on a person’s overall well-being. Through integrative medicine and holistic/biologic dentistry, a revolutionary approach to oral health, he has incorporated measures to assuage the recovery period while limiting the need for certain pharmaceuticals particularly considering the ongoing opioid crisis facing our nation. Instead, Dr. Ponquinette uses lasers, stem cell therapies, supplementation, and natural remedies to relieve pain, stimulate cell function and repair tissues. In his work with dental implants, Dr. Ponquinette now offers ceramic implants as an alternative to the traditional metal implants.

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