The Faces of Spine and Joint Rehabilitation: Mecca Integrated Medical Center

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Mecca Integrated Medical Center

PATIENTS SUFFERING FROM musculoskeletal injuries including back, neck, and extremity pain who have gone through conventional treatment with limited success often turn to Mecca Integrated Medical Center for relief. Mecca’s comprehensive, non-surgical and multi-disciplinary approach to pain relief offers customized cutting-edge therapy options to bring you back to optimum health without surgery, invasive treatments, or medications. Each provider at Mecca is an expert with extensive training in their field, offering patients services including neurological evaluations, physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, spinal decompression/IDD therapy, and primary care, as well as supplement and nutritional recommendations. Mecca’s health care providers combine clinical expertise with some of the most technologically advanced therapies available in order to provide specialized, state of the art treatment for low back and neck pain caused by herniated discs. Patients initially undergo a comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation by a team of physicians resulting in an individually tailored treatment program. 

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