3 glorious gardens

"Nothing is more the child of art than a garden," said Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott. With a hefty assist from Mother Nature, each garden possesses a unique, ethereal beauty.
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Beliza Ann Furman


“I love the privacy and refuge my garden provides,” says Rumson homeowner Beliza Ann Furman. “When not relaxing near my pond-like swimming pool and waterfall, I enjoy sitting in my formal parterre, which features roses and a stone dining set. When I’m there, I don’t have a worry in the world.”

Tip: “Always find out the mature dimensions of a plant before you purchase it, and be wise about placement. For example, if you plant a brand-new tree that’s only 2 feet tall right next to your home, but it eventually grows to 20 feet, it may prevent you from seeing out your window.”

 Steven M. Ravner


“While the river birch trees are my husband’s favorite part, I love our red and white impatiens,” says Howell resident Adriana Rocco of her garden, designed by “Just” Landscapes in Colts Neck. “Red is such a vibrant color and gives off a lot of energy, and the white provides a beautiful contrast. I think the flowers really enliven the entire garden.”

Tip: “When planting ornamental flowers, make sure you water them regularly during the first three or four weeks until their roots are established. I suggest watering daily in warm weather, and every other day in moderate temperatures. Also, consider watering at night to reduce evaporation.”

 Leigh Sorensen


“My garden features a lot of greenery, colorful flowers and little paths that my grandchildren enjoy running around, but one of the things I enjoy most is a pergola with roses blooming on it and a hammock underneath,” says Leigh Sorensen, owner of Rumson-based Leigh Sorensen, Landscape Design, of her own Rumson garden. “My grandchildren like to play on the hammock and my husband sometimes takes a nap there.”

Tip: “Learn about new eco-friendly ways to care for your garden. For instance, create a compost heap out of organic matter such as leaves and grass clippings to keep soil healthy and prevent waste.”

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