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The increase, percentage-wise, in stroke hospitalizations between 2000 and 2010 among people ages 25 to 44. The reason? Experts suggest an increase in obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol among that age group. —Journal of the American Heart Association


The average number of seconds your eyes are on your phone and not the road while texting. Experts say that’s enough time to have an accident. —U.S. Department of Transportation

9 Years

The amount of time by which you may reduce your body’s cellular aging if you amp up your activity from low to high, five days a week for 30 minutes. —Preventive Medicine

A 5-Second Wellness Boost

A 2015 study found that people who sit up straight feel stronger than their slouchy counterparts. You can derive the benefit even while sitting at your desk. Just reach overhead and have your palms touch. Hold for five seconds, and release. —Health Psychology

Butter Up

Suffering from dry winter skin? Try shea butter. An analysis of 174 moisturizers found that nearly all claiming to be “natural,” “hypoallergenic” and “dermatologist recommended” contained at least one potential allergen, including fragrances. —JAMA Dermatology

1 in 6

The number of women diagnosed with breast cancer who go to their doctor with a nonlump symptom such as pain or changes in the shape of the breast or nipple. —The University College, London

Get To Sleep

Trouble sleeping? Try disabling your Netflix. Binge television watchers are 98 percent more likely to have sleep problems that folks who don’t binge. —Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine 

Is That Craving Real?

Researchers found that almost twice as many U.S.-born women as foreign-born females crave chocolate during their menstrual cycle. So don’t blame biology for your hankering— study authors posit that American women view that time as being socially acceptable to indulge. —PLOS One


The percentage of depression episodes that could potentially be prevented if people got in at least one hour of exercise weekly. —The American Journal of Psychiatry


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