A Bergen Moment


“Palisades Interstate Park’s Giant Stairs trail in Alpine is a local treasure. The hike takes you through a challenging terrain of steep cliffs, footbridges and a rocky shoreline to get to a lookout with a captivating view over the Hudson River. I’m glad I was able to reach this spot to see the fall foliage with my dog Cobe.”

Daniela Hoffner, Paramus

“My wife Anne-Sophie, my daughter Zoé and I love nature, and outdoor activities are something we try to do as much as possible. I often tell them to never stop exploring! We’ve tried a lot of places in New Jersey, but Overpeck Park in Leonia is proof that even in a busy town, you can still find a hidden gem for some canoeing.” 

—Stéphane Chambareau, Weehawken 

“I captured these two River Edge girls celebrating the last month of summer in the most relaxing way possible—spending a quiet morning by the lake in cozy pajamas! In one month, they’ll have to re-acclimate to waking up early for school, but for now, they’re taking it easy.”

—Cynthia Castellari, C.C.Candids Photography, River Edge

“My teammates, who range from freshmen to juniors, and I were so excited after we placed third in the Bergen County cross-country championship at Darlington Park in Mahwah this past season. We each wore red bows in our hair in memory of a beloved teammate, Andrew Gutierrez, who we lost in last February.”

—Natalie Travisano, Saddle Brook

“I was peeking outside our window at home when I saw our dog Sunny jump onto the bench next to my son, Riggs, who had been there reading. Sunny loves to sit next to us, and he wouldn’t miss this chance. I quickly grabbed my camera to capture the moment of a boy and his dog—it only lasted a few seconds before they realized they were being photographed.”

—Andreea Glenney, Andreea Glenney Photography, Harrington Park

“I saw a wren family while enjoying a day of nature and birding at the Celery Farm in Allendale. The birds were pretty easy to spot since the babies were very vocal, and they got even louder when the mother came back to feed them. She did this about every two minutes so I was able to wait there and watch. I was happy to capture the beautiful moment.”

—Stephanie Swanzey, Lyndhurst

“While on a recent walk with my husband in Overpeck Park, I saw our shadows stretched out in front of us as we were holding hands. The sun was just starting to set, which created gorgeous lighting and made for an intimate moment and an artistic photo.”

—Iman Johnson, Palisades Park

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