An Apple A Day

An Apple A Day

More than 30 varieties of apples grow in New Jersey, so it can be confusing to placate the teacher or banish the doc. But we’ve created a little cheat sheet for you. (All of the tasty apples listed below are available for picking from mid-September through October.)

Cortland: There’s a lot you can do with this apple, which freezes well. Snack on it straightaway or store it in the freezer for Thanksgiving pie-making.

Golden Delicious: This fruit’s mild, sweet taste will help you create the tastiest pies ever. Golden Delicious are firm to the touch and soften after being baked.

Honeycrisp: This apple is perfect for tarts and turnovers, as its sweet flesh packs a slightly tart punch.

Jonathan: This mid-season apple has a longer storage life than other varieties. Save it to pack in school lunches or cut it up for your next fruit salad. (Decisions, decisions!)

Winesap: This variety’s aromatic, wine-like flavors make it perfect for applesauce, and its juiciness promises the best cider you’ve ever had.

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