Author: Chris Burns

All that Jazz

Chico’s House of Jazz recently opened in Asbury Park (732-774-5299, The Jersey Shore club promotes original music instead of cover bands. "Plus, this place has a great atmosphere."

Modern world: Corazza

Don Draper and the rest of TV’s Mad Men would feel right at home at Corazza in Asbury Park (732-361-3179,, a mecca for classic mid-century furniture and accessories.

Scramblers anonymous

If you decided today to eat one omelet daily from Amy’s Omelette House in Long Branch (732-222-1206,, you should make it through the menu by next Easter. Add another month if you’d like to tackle the pancakes too.

Wake, paddle & troll

Not quite ready to cruise the Amazon? Save yourself the airfare and discover local natural wonders

La vida locavore

The new oxford american dictionary defines locavore as a person who seeks out locally produced food.