Bergen’s Got Talent: Michael Morshuk

A River Vale dad takes to Instagram to share his guitar riffs of classic rock and country hits.
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Video courtesy of @modogart

Michael Morshuk of River Vale has been playing guitar since he was 10 years old. He’s even played professionally as the bass player and backing vocalist in local New Jersey classic rock band, Earthgrinders. Now, he’s about to turn 60 and is continuing to cover classic country and rock n’ roll songs…and sharing his performances on Instagram. 

One of Morshuk’s most recent covers is “All These Years” by award-winning country band Sawyer Brown, a song he says he’s loved since its debut in 1992. In the video he shared on Instagram, he also shows off his new Breedlove acoustic guitar and Roland amp. “I like this song for the deep, emotional feelings it conveys, as well as the chord progression,” he tells BERGEN. “I really enjoy doing these types of acoustic ballads. Music shared with people is one of the greatest gifts to give and behold.” Morshuk is also a Herr’s Route Salesman, dad and artist, according to his Instagram bio—a man of many talents!

Watch Morshuk’s performance of “All These Years” below and check out his Instagram page for more:


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