Brotherly Love

Older brother Gavin, 6, is eager to show his 9-month-old sibling the ropes at their Park Ridge home.
4 Brotherly Love
Photo courtesy of @jdasok

Brotherly love is all about looking after and teaching your siblings—and sometimes it starts before young ones can even walk and talk. That’s the case in the Asok’s Park Ridge household, where 6-year-old Gavin has been looking out for his 9-month-old twin brothers, Dylan Thomas and Lucas Xavier, since they were born. Proud pop Daniel posted this adorable photo of Gavin teaching Dylan how to crawl (Lucas was off camera taking notes). “He’s showing Dylan the ropes,” Dad says, adding that Gavin quickly learned how to live with two new sibs. “It was a huge adjustment to the new dynamic. As a cousin to another set of twins, he is the self-proclaimed big brother to his beloved siblings.” And we think he’s doing a great job! For more of what’s going on around Bergen County, follow us on Instagram @bergenmagnj.

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