Bubble Baby

This almost 1-year-old from Bergenfield is enamored with bubbles, and an amazing photo op ensues.
3 Bubble Baby
Photo courtesy of @alainamich13

Babies are easy to please. Take, for example, 1-year-old Mila of Bergenfield, who is absolutely enamored with these bubbles that her parents blew for her outside of their home. “The warm weather and sunshine make for great times with Mila’s favorite thing to do outside, bubbles,” mom Alaina Acker tells BERGEN of this sweet Instagram shot. “Her bunch-a bubble blaster creates an insane amount of bubbles.” Acker’s Instagram page is an ode to her toddler, where she documents everyday pleasures such as napping, Gymboree classes and bath time. “I love documenting her growth with Instagram because it allows everyone to see how happy she is,” says mom. “She is an absolute light and makes us all so happy, I figured she would make others smile as well!” For more of what’s going on around Bergen County, follow us on Instagram @bergenmagnj.

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