Country Club Living

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Pack a bag and grab your mat because you’re headed to yoga class. But instead of a cramped studio, picture yourself doing downward dogs and warrior poses in a luxurious space at your local country club.

No longer golf-only clubhouses for elite-class gentlemen, country clubs are undergoing a facelift. Take a look, for example, at what’s happening at the Edgewood Country Club in River Vale. While it still employs traditional membership requirements, rules of etiquette and dress codes, Edgewood nowadays is catering to broader interests.

Of course hitting the links is the top activity, as it has been from the beginning, but it’s shaping up as full-service resorts for the entire family. The club’s new Resort Membership was created especially for families with young children whose top priorities go well beyond golf. Activities include yoga and water aerobics classes, tennis and swimming lessons, parties and other social events.

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