Eat well, head-to-toe

Six foods that do your body good in some surprising ways



Here’s why: They’re a great source of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that promotes eye health and can help prevent cataracts.

Did you know? A sweet potato also contains almost twice the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A, which is essential to vision.


Eat this: SALMON

Here’s why: Salmon is a rich source of vitamin D, and research indicates that boosting your intake of this vitamin can lower your breast-cancer risk.

Did you know? Salmon also contains omega-3 fatty acids, which may add to that cancer-fighting benefit (experts aren’t yet unanimous) and which otherwise amount to a health-effects home run, benefiting arteries, blood pressure, brain, eyes, metabolism, muscles and more.


Eat this: BROCCOLI

Here’s why: It’s not only strong in bone-strengthening calcium, it’s also loaded with vitamin C, which is essential for the maintenance and repair of bones. A cup of broccoli boasts more than twice the recommended daily allowance of C-more than is found in an orange.

Did you know? Broccoli also contains two phytonutrients that may help the body fight cancer-one by suppressing tumor-cell growth, the other by clearing the system of cancer-causing substances.


Eat this: APPLES

Here’s why: They contain a flavonoid called quercetin that has been shown in studies of mice to protect brain cells against injury from oxidation. High apple consumption has also been linked to lower-than-average rates of one kind of stroke.

Did you know? Apple-juice studies suggest that apples also may heighten the brain’s production of a key neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, improving memory.



Here’s why: They reduce inflammation in the arteries and increase levels of the heart-healthy vitamin folate in the blood.

Did you know? Strawberries can help whiten teeth! They contain malic acid, which acts as an astringent, buffing away discoloration from not-so-pearly whites. Combine a mashed strawberry with a half-tablespoon of baking soda and apply the mixture to your teeth, leaving it on for five minutes, then brushing away with toothpaste. (Just don’t do this more than once a week-you risk damaging tooth enamel.)


Drink this: GREEN TEA

Here’s why: It may fight stomach cancer: A recent study found that women who drank five or more cups of green tea a day were 20 percent less likely to develop the disease.
Did you know? Generally, green tea has just one-third to one-half the caffeine of black tea.

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