Enjoying The Spread

This 2-year-old proves she doesn’t need a food court to enjoy dinner when there’s plenty of floor space in The Shops at Riverside.
3 Enjoying Spread
Photo courtesy of @tuckerrule


Bergen County malls are usually teeming with shoppers, so finding a quiet place to sit is often a tall order. But 2-year-old Birdie Rule found her spot in Hackensack’s The Shops at Riverside—and it was the perfect location to grab a bite to eat too. “She couldn’t be bothered to actually eat at the restaurant, so she decided to improvise by setting up shop in the middle of the floor,” says pop Tucker, who posted this photo of his little girl enjoying a slice of pizza straight out of the box. The mall was empty after dinner hours, so Birdie had a chance to dine peacefully and “run off her remaining energy and curiosities” on the open floors. For more of what’s going on around Bergen County, follow us on Instagram @bergenmagnj.

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