Fun on the Lawn

Outdoor games like croquet, bocce and badminton are making a major comeback.

A kidney-shaped, in-ground pool isn’t the only way to turn your backyard into an entertainment mecca. You can also give guests hours of fun with some mallets, a shuttlecock or a pallino (the small target ball rolled out first in bocce). Fact is, croquet and bocce courts are sprouting up on college campuses, fancy country clubs and in leafy suburban backyards, so you’d be right on trend.

“In the last two years, we’ve seen a big influx of clients looking for bocce and croquet courts,” says Jason Lembo, owner of Passaic-based Fredco Landscaping. And clubs devoted to croquet, bocce and horseshoe pitching have been cranking up the competition. Why the resurgence? For starters, members of every generation—from tiny tots to great-granddads—can get in on the play.

Lawn games are easy to pick up, and you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to participate. If you’re the competitive sort, however, even a friendly game of bocce can turn into a blood sport! That game, one of the oldest known to man (as early as 5,000 B.C. Egyptians rolled or tossed polished stones toward a target), has endured its share of controversy. Bocce became so popular during the Renaissance that some rulers believed it threatened state security. The problem? Would-be soldiers were spending more time on the game than on sharpening their archery and other military skills. Needless to say, bocce survived, and long before Italian immigrants popularized it in the United States, George Washington played bocce on his court at Mt. Vernon.

Even “veddy” proper croquet, which began in 1300s France as paille-maille (“ball-mallet”), later pall-mall, has a coy, if not controversial, side. Considered the only game appropriate for English women in Victorian times (after all, they could play while wearing an ankle-length dress!), it was thus played by men and women together, providing the perfect opportunity for a mixed pair to wander into the woods supposedly in search of a lost ball!

Like croquet, badminton came to America via the British, but its roots are Indian. In the 1860s, British soldiers brought the game (known as “Poona”) back to England, but its name didn’t follow. It was christened “badminton” when the Duke of Beaufort featured it at a party he threw in 1673 at his country estate in Gloucestershire called—you got it!—Badminton.

Though horseshoes may seem all- American with Old West associations, the game actually had its beginnings in ancient Greece, where a discus was pitched toward a stake in the ground. But the peasants, who couldn’t afford luxuries like discuses, used worn-out horseshoes instead. Fast-forward a couple millennia or so to the U.S. Civil War, and soldiers used old mule shoes.

For a lawn game that is a U.S. of A. original, take your cue from tailgating parties coast to coast and set up a cornhole court. Also known as beanbag toss, cornhole involves tossing bags filled with feed into holes in a wooden platform. Or, for another way to take your target practice, give lawn darts a shot—the object is to get the missiles inside a ring placed on the ground. Of course, if you’re looking to keep equipment, rules and regulations to a minimum, you could always toss a Frisbee. But no matter what lawn game you pick, you won’t just have a blast, you’ll give your body a boost, too. Any game that keeps you on your feet revs calorie burn, helps pump up your heart rate and sets you up for a good night’s sleep. If you ask us, that makes lawn games a win-win proposition.

Join the club!

Ready to play croquet, bocce or horseshoes against a competitor or two? Find a club near you by logging onto one of these websites:

National Horseshow Pitchers Association of America

United States Bocce Federation

United States Croquet Association

Considering your own court?

Jason Lembo, owner of Fredco Landscaping in Passaic, has some advice for choosing the perfect contractor:

Ask for references

“You want to make sure the candidate has successfully done a project similar to yours,” says Lembo. “Go take a look and ask the homeowner how the project went.”

Share a vision

“Today you might want a bocce court, but tomorrow you might want a pool, a patio, a fire pit. Your contractor should be helping you think about the elements you’ll wish to have in your yard for years to come and planning accordingly.”

Demand aesthetics

“Ideally, your contractor should have hardscape and landscape experience so your court doesn’t become an eyesore. It should blend nicely into the landscape of your yard.”



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