Health News: Add Color (and Flavor) to Your Plate

Belly Bulge Begone

Waistline expanding? Add some color. Diets high in bright fruits and veggies (think berries and peppers), which are loaded with antioxidants, could help with your mid-section.



The number of new neural connections that are formed every second in the first few years of a baby’s life. These connections are made when we speak, smile, hug and sing to babies.

-Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University

The Early-Bird Diet

Early risers eat fewer calories, less sugar and more protein than night owls. Scientists speculate that people have an easier time making healthy decisions in the morning, when the brain is fresher and willpower stronger.


Bring on the Sauce

Men who ate more than two servings of tomato sauce weekly had a lower risk of developing prostate cancer than guys who ate less than a monthly serving. It’s believed that certain substances in cooked tomatoes protect DNA strands from breaking.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Headache Cause?

If you suffer from frequent headaches, experts suggest getting tested for an under-active thyroid. While they’re unsure of the connection between the organ and the malady, researchers have found that you have a 41 percent increased risk of hypothyroidism if you suffer from headaches such as migraines.

-University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Be You!

Even if you’re the odd man (or woman) out in the group, it’s better to stick to your true self than to try to fit in. Why? Your body responds as if being challenged, making you feel invigorated, which enhances your mental wellbeing.

-State University of New York at Buffalo

Fishing for Depression RX

Folks who regularly eat fish have a 20 percent reduced risk of depression compared with those who ate little to none. The reason? Researchers theorize that the omega-3 fats may affect levels of neurotransmitters involved in depression.

Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health


The drop in cardiovascular disease risk when people ate 10 daily servings of produce rather than little to none.

-Journal of Epidemiology

Save Face

Sure you wear your sunscreen, but that alone won’t block harmful particles. Air pollution, caused by the nitrogen dioxide emitted from fuel-burning vehicles, is doing a number on your skin by promoting wrinkles and age spots. To combat the damage, use creams and lotions with vitamins C and E, which boost skin’s defense.

Journal of Investigative Dermatology

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