Home & Away: India

They say that travel broadens you - well, it will certainly give you a design idea or two. Why not evoke your sense of wanderlust with decor from some of the world's most exotic locales?

The hallmarks of home decor in India: intricate patterns, rich, vibrant colors and furniture most often made from woods like teak, rosewood and ebony. Paintings and other artwork, meanwhile, are scarce—instead, decorative panels and embroidered rugs often adorn the walls.

The Taj Mahal in Agra took some 22 years to build, and more than 1,000 elephants were used to transport materials for construction.

Charming Creatures Tiger Decor


Poetic Wanderlust Plate

Neiman Marcus, Paramus, 201.291.1920

Girard Environmental Enrichment Panel

Design Within Reach, Paramus, 201.843.2650

Red Floral Painted Wood Cabinet


Globo Double with Cushion


Nelson Sunflower Clock

Design Within Reach, Paramus, 201.843.2650

Crosley X Uo Embossed Vinyl Record Player

Urban Outfitters, Paramus, 201.336.1840

Gold Ottonam Pouf


Kate Aspen Indian Jewel Lantern

Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Ramsey, 201.825.7399

Safavieh Monaco Rug

Target, Paramus, 201.881.7660

American photographer Steve McCurry captured moments like this during his 30 years of traveling to India – and then gave each image a burst of vibrant color.

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