Kitty Love


Goji, 1½-year-old British Shorthair
Owner: Lynne Peters, Mahwah

Lynne traveled to the Empire of Glamour Cattery in Canada to find her fur-ever friend Goji, and they have been inseparable ever since. Named after the popular Chinese berry “Goji,” this kitty is just as sweet, his mom gushes! She describes him as a “cuddly amber-eyed teddy bear” who loves to play tag and hideand- seek. He even enjoys getting dressed in holiday outfits and posing for pictures—he donned a jingle bell bib for Christmas and a sparkly orange and black collar for Halloween. Lynne reports Goji acts more like a dog, following her around and coming when he’s called. He even plays fetch and chases his favorite ball around the house. Unlike some finicky felines, Goji likes people and steals the hearts of everyone he meets!

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