Like A Kid Again

This Thailand-based model/actor isn’t too busy to relive his youth at grandma’s house in New Milford.
3 Like A Kid Again
Photo courtesy of @iam_chudjane

There’s something about a visit to grandma’s house that brings you back to your childhood. Just ask Visut Chowbangprom, aka Chudjane/CJ, who lives in Thailand but paid a recent visit to his grandmother’s home in New Milford, where he made himself comfortable on her slide. The international model/actor says he comes to see family in the states whenever he has free time, and wants to invoke happiness through these carefree photos he shared on Instagram.  “As we grow up and get more responsibilities, we tend to forget our childhoods,” he tells BERGEN. “I want whoever sees this photo to think about the things that you enjoyed as a child—or try to go back and do them again.” For more of what’s going on in Bergen County, follow us on Instagram @bergenmagnj.

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