Lodger Crackdown

If you were thinking about renting out a room or your home to travelers, think again.

If you were thinking about renting out a room or your home to travelers, think again. While Internet-based home-sharing communities providing short-term affordable lodging have become big business, the practice is starting to meet resistance from cities and towns across the country, including our very own Bergen County. Companies like Airbnb, the largest community, are being affected by new legislation—Wyckoff, for example, recently passed a law banning residential rentals of 30 days or less. What’s the reason for the ban? Overcrowding, fighting, littering, parking of vehicles on lawns, sanitation issues and other issues, according to Wyckoff’s new ordinance. It’s not just Wyckoff—other towns that have similar bans in effect include Cresskill, Englewood Cliffs, Fort Lee and Leonia. And the list is growing.

“I haven’t noticed a problem yet,” says Mary Needleman, 59, who has lived in Wyckoff for the past 15 years, “but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist now or will exist in the future.”

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