Looking Good, Feeling Great

Don’t have a jersey to wear for Sunday’s big game? No worries—check out these four effortlessly chic looks that will show off your spirit and style.
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With neither the New York Giants nor the New York Jets playing in Super Bowl LIV, one can only hope to find a jersey that’s appropriate to wear for your viewing party on Super Bowl Sunday. However, if you’re a Jersey girl who’s not a jersey girl, these outfit suggestions from Sloane Hartly, owner of Hartly in Westwood, are a good choice for game day. Check out Sloane’s picks below and learn what the boutique owner thinks of these pairings for a casual chic evening:


“These sequin jeans with a frayed trim make for a cool, edgy look. The hat really pulls the whole look together and adds a cool girl vibe to it. This is a great one for watching the game at a bar or restaurant.”


“The python sleeves make this sweater on point for spring. The silver stripe on the dark jeans also makes the look a little dressier and adds just the right amount of shine.”


“It’s smart to go with this layered look because if you get a little warm, you can remove the jacket and still look chic. These cognac suede trim jeans are a great novelty piece as well.”


“This look is all about being cozy and comfy! These light wash, wider-leg jeans are very in right now. The pink sweater’s applique heart adds some novelty and the white sneakers are both casual and fresh.”

Photos courtesy of Sloane Hartly

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