Our mother/daughter team recounts their eleventh week of the makeover process


Friday, June 22

Well, I mentioned last week that I would have more good news to share this week and I do.  First of all, I became a Grandmother again with my second grandson, Cooper, who now joins Owen. Little did I know that he would arrive 13 days early at 2:24 the morning of June 19. It threw a wrench into all our plans of working out this week since Kara was in the hospital most of the week and I was watching Owen for a good part of it.  But nothing could compare with being able to watch one grandson and holding the other newborn in my arms. That was the most exciting part of this week.

Of course, the other great experience was visiting The Silverstrom Group on Tuesday.  I was so excited to begin the process of getting my “perfect smile” that I literally started crying on the way there. I tried to contain myself, but started crying as soon as I walked through the door. The poor receptionist thought there was something wrong with me, but I was just so happy to begin the process of finally getting my teeth fixed. I was there for two and a half hours sitting in that chair but it was worth every minute. Doctor Dave was so gracious asking me every so often if I “was okay” and if “I wanted to take a break." Even though I was there so long, it really didn’t feel like it. They are such a great team of doctors and assistants that the time flew—especially since they gave me a movie to watch while they did the work.

The initial work is done, but I have to go back in a few weeks and get the permanent crowns in place of the temporaries.  Even though I am not done, people have already commented on how beautiful my smile is. I am so thankful to The Silverstrom Group and especially Doctor Dave for improving the way I look. I know he got me as a patient at “hello.”  

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