Our mother/daughter team recounts their fourth week of the makeover process
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  Friday, April 13
It’s been slow going, but I tried really hard to get to Atlantis Sports Club & Spa this week.  I worked out with Beth for 45 minutes on Tuesday and have to say she is a great trainer.  She gave me some exercises to do at home, which I try to do as much as I can.

Thursday night, my daughter and I went to the gym with the intent of taking a “step” class.  Unfortunately, we didn’t read the schedule very well (the step class was Wednesday) and ended up in a “Zumba” class—which I must say was very enjoyable since I love to dance.  However, not knowing any of the steps, it was very difficult to keep up.  After the class, we went to the gym and used the elliptical machine for six minutes (that was as long as I could stay on that machine having NO muscle tone in my thighs) and then lifted weights.  We still find ourselves doing the arm lifts incorrectly, as a very kind gentleman came over to help us do them the right way.  Maybe by the end of this process I will be able to lift correctly.

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