Our mother/daughter team recounts their fifth week of the makeover process
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Friday, April 20

I started out the week by continuing to stick to my diet and working out.  I’ve been increasing my workouts by trying to walk further each day that I can actually get outside and using free weights every other night.  I’m continually trying to better my diet with salads and protein shakes so hopefully I will be able to lose some weight.

Although everyone we have met so far has been wonderful, I have to say The Silverstrom Group has been the most amazing. Let’s face it—who wants to go to the dentist?  But I have to say, after visiting this dental office I will never ever NOT want to go to the dentist.

From the time I walked through the front door, the experience was incredible—from Alex, who was the greeter at the front desk, to Kathy, who took x-rays, to Doctors Gary and Dave—I couldn’t have felt more like I was at a “family reunion” instead of at the dentist.  Each of them made me feel so comfortable that I had absolutely no qualms about them looking in my mouth of “ugly” teeth.  They assured me that I will look at least 15 years younger when they are finished with me.  I am really looking forward to smiling and not being self-conscious that people will see my dingy teeth.

All of this was recorded by a phenomenal videographer, Matthew, who also made us so comfortable.  I only wished I had known I was going to be on tape—I would have dressed better.

I believe my daughter and I will be in very good hands with the Father/Son team at the Silverstrom Group.  I can’t wait for my next visit.  WHOEVER says THAT about their dentist?!

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