Our mother/daughter team recounts their tenth week of the makeover process


Tuesday, June 12

Worked out with Beth at Atlantis Sports Club & Spa to amazing music and a lot of movement! Today we did cardio, but we did it right on the mats. The loud music with the upbeat tempo kept me moving long after I wanted to quit but we were constantly doing different moves and using the “steps” and doing kickboxing moves while incorporating free weights and the ball. By the end I was out of breath and sweating and felt amazing. It may have been one of the best workouts I’ve ever had with her. I love to move and she kept me going from one exercise right to the next and because we were constantly changing it up I never felt like I even had to rest. Later in the evening I went for a walk/run with sprints and when I got home I looked at my phone and using my new app (RunKeeper) I realized I went 2.54 miles! I was excited and now I look forward to beating that distance tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 13

I beat it! I went 3.17 miles today in less time. I am noticing that I am able to run for longer periods of time without getting winded and it is amazing! I love the feeling of getting in shape. It’s almost like the longer I go and see the results the easier it is to stick with it! Of course if I try to keep beating my own distance and time, I’ll never get anything else done! I guess I’ll have to focus on beating time rather than distance for awhile!

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