Our mother/daughter team recounts their eleventh week of the makeover process


Tuesday, June 19

Well, I was supposed to be working out with Beth at Atlantis Sports Club & Spa today, but instead I am in the hospital after watching my wife give birth to our second son at 2:24am this morning! His name is Cooper John and he was 7lbs. 9oz. and 20 ¼ inches long. With that being said, I only got 2 hours of sleep last night (or that may have been early this morning at some point) so I am exhausted but had to cancel with Beth either way because I am staying in the hospital for a few days for support! I have to say it was a lot easier this time around not being the one that actually gave birth! Not to mention I didn’t have to gain any of the pregnancy weight, which was very exciting. I will resume my workout routine just as soon as we bring home baby #2…

Wednesday, June 20

Today I went to have my Invisalign put on my teeth at The Silverstrom Group! It was painless and quick, and Dr. Gary told me that I would be in great shape by October for the reveal. I am so excited to see what the final product is going to look like. He also mentioned that when they finally come off they are going to do a whitening of my teeth to give me the overall Silverstrom experience! It is so exciting to look forward to straight, white teeth. I will be able to look at pictures and not wish that my teeth were perfect because they finally will be! I cannot say enough nice things about The Silverstrom Group and their staff. Everyone is truly so close and they are like a little family. They were overjoyed with my news of the new baby and when I told them I was so tired from getting barely any sleep they took me into a dark room with a massage chair that I was able to recline all the way back and relax until the hygienist called me back to begin my work. It was divine! I have never had such a special experience with staff that is so caring and accommodating! Although my teeth hurt a little bit from my first set of trays that were put on today I have been taking ibuprofen, which is helping with the pain. So far, that is the only side effect to having these on my teeth and I can’t believe how non-invasive the process went this morning. I have a feeling I am going to be very happy with my Invisalign when this is all said and done! 

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