Our mother/daughter team recounts their twelfth week of the makeover process


Tuesday June 26

Today was our weekly visit with Beth at Atlantis Sports Club & Spa and she changed it up, yet again, by taking us outside for our workout. She brought out 7 lb. weights to incorporate into our workout while walking around the lake. We did arm exercises the entire time we walked and stopped periodically at the benches to do exercises that would fit into out everyday routine if we were just out on a walk in our neighborhood. We also did squats and lunges along the way get our legs into shape. I love working out with Beth because she gives you practical things you can do at home that aren’t too hard to remember. This enables us to workout on our own without having to worry about having all the right equipment or to do a fast workout routine if we can’t make it to the gym one day. These are all practical exercises that we can later incorporate into our daily life so that we can stay in shape long after the contest and reveal are over. All in all it was nice to be outside in the beautiful weather and went quickly because I was really enjoying myself.

Wednesday June 27

Today I went back to Dieci Lifestyle Spa for touch up color on my hair. I met with Holly and after looking at my hair she decided I would need a toner on my roots to help stretch out the timing for having to get my foils done again. I thought this was a great strategy because it takes far less time to put on a toner than it does to get a full head of foils; not too mention it helps me understand how I can take care of my own hair when I am not part of this “contest” anymore. It wound up coming out great. The color was deeper again and I felt really good after blow drying it. Holly is wonderful and as always the service at Dieci is top notch. I made an appointment to get my foils done again in 5 more weeks.

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