Our mother/daughter team recounts their fourth week of the makeover process
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Tuesday April 10
Today I met with Beth at the Atlantis Sports Club & Spa for our weekly training session. It was awesome. She has a knack for knowing exactly what kind of fitness is good for your body and what you can handle. She also doesn’t push you too hard…just enough to really work those parts of the body that need tightening. She keeps you going at her pace and before you know it, the session flies by. Today we did free weights, squats and worked with the ball on the mats. I feel really good, like I’ve accomplished something. Although I can’t wait to see what I’ll be feeling tomorrow!

Thursday April 12
Tonight we went over to Atlantis Sports Club & Spa to take a Zumba class after dinner. Mom stayed for dinner and made a low-fat chicken breast meatloaf with vegetables, which was excellent (and perfect for our diet)! We then got into our gym clothes and decided it was time for our first-ever Zumba experience. And what an experience it was! First of all, the music was incredible. They have the right idea blasting such upbeat music. Second, the instructor had so much energy and all the moves! That girl could work it and made it so much fun to dance along with her! After 20 minutes we were out of breath and sweating and just kept looking at each other, laughing, trying to keep up with all the moves! Mom couldn’t do any more on her first time so we went out into the gym and did some cardio on the treadmill and worked out with some free weights. My arms are still sore from Tuesday but I figured I’d better keep working out to get into shape!

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