Our mother/daughter team recounts their ninth week of the makeover process

Tuesday, June 5

Another typical (which means there’s nothing typical about it!) workout with Beth at Atlantis Sports Club & Spa! I was tired from a weekend of event planning from the various bridal and baby showers that seem to be surrounding me at the moment but as always Beth helps me rise above my fatigue and give it 100%. Today she decided to change it up by bringing me out on the machines and showing me a circuit workout for when I’m on my own at the gym. She showed me a few machines I already do whenever I am there and then a few that I’ve never even tried. We also discussed the frustration I am feeling regarding the fact that I do not seem to see any difference in the way my pants are fitting me. In fact, it was a tough weekend because I tried to put on a pair of pants that used to fit fine that now seem to be tight on me. She explained that my body is changing and I will see that come out in negative and positive ways while I am on this journey. Apparently I am now gaining muscle where I never had any before! She also explained that I technically have to “trick” my body by doing various cardio exercises. For instance, I need to get on the treadmill one day, the stair climber the next and then run outside on the third. The more that I change it up in my cardio, the better results I will see in the long run! 


Wednesday, June 6

So, today was the day I have been looking forward to for weeks: my “big haircut” appointment with Alyssa at Dieci Lifestyle Spa! Today was the day that they took my “hopes” for what I wanted in a hairstyle and the expertise of my stylist and gave me a haircut that I absolutely loved!! Alyssa decided to give me a sweeping bang and cut my hair shorter in the back and underneath so that it gave my hair the illusion of being thicker. The results are amazing. My hair even feels thicker when I run my fingers through it and so far everyone that has seen it loves it too. I couldn’t be happier with having someone that really knows how to cut hair and give me exactly what I wanted without even knowing exactly what that was!

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