'My Biggest Pet Peeves'… At the Gym

What annoys you most when you’re at the gym? BERGEN asked local fitness junkies to spill on what make them simmer when they’re just trying to get a good workout.

“The thing that I find frustrating at the gym is when people take up more than their fair share of space in the locker room. Sometimes their locker is wide open, and they seem annoyed if you ask them to close it a little because you need to get into the locker right next to theirs.”
—Marisa Carr, Ridgewood

“There’s nothing worse than people who wear inappropriate clothing. I’ve seen guys in sandals and girls in short shorts. Hello, you’re at the gym!”
—Jack West, Saddle River

“I can’t stand ‘Gym Bros’—the ones who lift way too much weight just to show off but then start grunting really loudly because they are using the wrong form and hurting themselves. It’s so counter-intuitive.”
—Leeza Goldberg, Fair Lawn

“It’s so strange when people treat the locker room like their own bathroom—walking around sans clothing, leaving their personal items everywhere and making huge messes but not cleaning them up.”
—Christina Jhagroop, Mahwah

“Why do people talk on the phone really loudly in the gym? You can take that personal call any other time!”
—Allie Crowley, Ramsey

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