Pet Peeves at the Coffee Shop

If you’re one of the many Bergenites who grabs a cup of joe to-go rather than brewing at home, you’ll understand all of the frustrations that accompany a trip to the coffee shop. Convenience has its caveats, but it’s a small price to pay for your morning treat, right?
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“Baristas who write first names on cups always get mine wrong. It was a pet peeve for a while— because it’s not a complicated name to spell—but now it’s just a running joke with my friends.” —Colleen Patruno, Hackensack

“Nothing’s more frustrating than people who haven’t decided what to order when they finally reach the front of a long line. Stop checking your phone and get ready!” —Bernard Reidy, Park Ridge

“I get a terrible feeling—literally and figuratively—when the coffee you’ve been craving has a burnt flavor. Places shouldn’t serve coffee that’s been sitting in a pot for several hours.” —Armando Pabon, Park Ridge

“It’s annoying when customers leave a mess at the service stand, where you add your own milk and sugar. There are usually napkins and a garbage can—how hard is it to clean up after yourself if you spilled a little cream?” —Prasant Chandra, Carlstadt

“A lot of people do work at a coffee shop, but they treat it like their personal office. They nurse one cup of coffee, take a table (and a chair for their bag) and monopolize a power outlet for an entire day!” —Peter Stala, Oradell

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