Pet Peeves At The Post Office…

Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m peeved! Bergenities spill the beans on what irks them the most while dealing with the local postal service.
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“I sent a card with a gift certificate in August to my daughter in Vermont and it got there in December. There was no explanation given as to why it took so long!” —Elaine Jones, Allendale

“My post office used to offer complimentary packing tape if you needed to seal a box or envelope. Now they make you buy an entire roll—even if all you need is one small strip!” —Khalid Ramos, Westwood

“My dad collects stamps, so when I’m mailing him a package, I ask the USPS employees to use actual stamps instead of printing out a paid label. They act like it’s such an inconvenience, when it takes the same amount of time that printing a label would.” —Rich Iurilli, Montvale

“I’ve always had an issue with the post office’s hours on weekdays. They should have at least one late night a week because getting there after work by 5 p.m. is a challenge. And even if you make it in time, there is usually only one clerk to help the long line of customers.” -Alena Woods, Ramsey

“I mailed a parking ticket fine to the Burlington, VT Police Department, but the check never reached them. I sent another, which was also lost. Because my payment was considered late, the fine doubled. It was annoying to have to pay extra for something that wasn’t my fault.” —Erik Buser, Ramsey

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