Practice Makes Perfect In Paramus

An athletic dad in Paramus documents his little girl’s first bike ride—and she takes to the pedals with ease.
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Like father like daughter! Andres Herrera of Paramus coaches triathletes in the Bergen County Multisport league. His almost 4-year-old daughter, Catalina, has seen him riding his bike quite often, and asked if she can start riding her bike with pedals. So, Herrera bought and installed pedals on her Strider Bikes balance bike. What ensued was this adorable Instagram video (filmed by mom) of the little one’s first pedaled bike ride—and she nailed it! “It took her around 30 minutes to start pedaling on her own,” the proud dad tells BERGEN.  “We went from the balance bike to pedals with no training wheels. She got used to it was surprisingly fast.” Now, says Herrera, all Catalina wants to do is ride her bike. “It makes me very happy!” For more of what’s going on around Bergen County, follow us on Instagram @bergenmagnj.



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