Puppy Love

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Dexter of Saddle River, a fourmonth- old Puggle

Owner: Sarah Perkins

Being a young teething pup, Dexter loves to chew on anything and everything he can get his paws on, and “that sometimes means fingers and toes!” says his mom, Sarah. But the puppy will settle for chicken and lamb-flavored treats, plus the beef chews that are brought to him by Sarah’s siblings, aka his doting aunt and uncle.

Dexter has a ton of energy after mealtime, and he tires himself out by running back and forth between the different rooms in Sarah’s apartment. When he does finally hop into bed, the Puggle cuddles up next to some nighttime companions: his bunny and moose stuffed toys. The little guy is one popular puppy—he has his own public Instagram (his handle is dextersperkins), which boasts some of his best selfies and videos.

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