Pushing the Season

No need to wait for spring to break out some great floral dresses—provided you follow a few simple rules. We’re here to help.
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Cold-weather styles tend to be dark and heavy with no signs of youthfulness or femininity. By adding some jewel-toned florals into your look, you can bring some life back into your winter wardrobe. It’s all about finding that perfect balance between edgy and tasteful.” —Melissa Richmond, Wyckoff; account exec, Hotline Showroom, NYC

When wearing florals, layering and texture are key. A floral piece under a cashmere sweater or bouclé jacket makes for a great mix of texture and keeps you warm. I love how this green jacket plays off the burgundy, rose and military green of the dress. Tulle and satin (opposite) are also lovely together, especially when embroidered with bold floral details. It’s a very winter-friendly look.” —MaryAlice Farella, owner, Society Femme, Westwood 43

Winter florals are very wearable when they are on darker backgrounds, like gray, navy, wine and black. They also look fabulous when printed or embroidered on rich fabrics such as brocades and lace.” —Sue Bahng, owner, Ginger N’ Cream, Westwood

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