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Question: Is there any way to treat an old ankle injury that continues to bother me? And are there any newer technologies for a painful heal or Achilles tendon?


After we determine the exact cause of the pain, there are some new procedures that can provide relief. For those with painful joints or arthritis, we can harvest bone marrow from the ankle and extract cells that behave much like stem cells. These cells are injected arthroscopically in a minimally invasive procedure to stimulate healing and support the overlay of the joint. Actually, I believe we are the only podiatric surgeons in New Jersey who have started using this procedure, and we have seen incredible results in patients who have trouble healing.

For those with chronic heel or Achilles pain, we identify the underlying issue with an MRI or ultrasound and then draw one test tube of the patient’s own blood. This is placed in a centrifuge and from that, we withdraw platelet rich plasma (PRP) that contains growth factors and inject it into the area of trouble. This has been shown to reinitiate and speed the healing process. In addition to being a competitive runner myself, I have worked as the team podiatrist for many college and professional sports teams and have seen how medical advancements can make a difference in returning a person back to health.


Active Foot & Ankle Care, LLC
Richard T. Braver DPM, FACFAS
140 Grand Ave , Suite 1, Englewood | 201-569-7672

4-14 SADDLE RIVER RD, SUITE 103, FAIR LAWN | 201-791-1881

1069 RINGWOOD AVENUE, SUITE 210, HASKELL | 973-831-1774




Question: my doctor can’t see  me for another week,  but I’ve been sIck for days.  Where can I fInd help sooner?


You’re not the only one who runs into this  problem. However, at urgent care facilities such as doctors express, patients don’t need an appointment and are usually seen within 20 minutes. In addition, we offer extended hours in the evenings and weekends for those with busy schedules.

Patients of all ages at doctor’s express Paramus are seen by licensed medical professionals with extensive urgent care experience who can treat everything from cuts and bruises to fractures and colds – and everything in between. we have x-ray equipment onsite and can give you a cd copy of your pictures as well as run a wide variety of laboratory tests while a patient waits. There’s even a pharmacy on the premises that saves you from having to make another trip for medications. doctors express offers a travel medicine & health program that provides immunizations needed for overseas travel.

Not surprisingly, this convenient and expedient medical service is growing in popularity. doctors express accepts most insurance programs and is usually less expensive than a visit to an emergency room. It is located in the plaza with Harold’s kosher and Seven eleven).




Doctors Express Paramus
67C E Ridgewood Ave AVE , Paramus | 201-262-2010




Question: My husband has a deep-seated fear of the dentIst. how can he get the dental care he needs?


Fear of the dentist is  actually quite common, and until recently the only option was intravenous sedation, which most people didn’t want to do. I am one of the few dentists in the State of New Jersey certified to practice a new method of needle-less sedation. By using a combination of oral medication and nitrous oxide, the patient can still answer questions, swallow and turn their head, but there is a residual amnesia effect so they don’t remember anything afterwards about the procedure.

Many dreaded dental procedures, such as root canals and periodontal surgery, can often be performed with laser technology. By using pulsing light technology, lasers eliminate the need for shots or drills. The patient experiences no pain or discomfort and does not have to contend with the intimidating sound of a drill.

"We’ve been practicing a comprehensive style of family dentistry since 1991 and look at the whole patient rather than individual teeth," dr. Bucher says. "In addition, we offer a wide range of general and cosmetic procedures and can even fabricate porcelain crowns that match the natural color of the surrounding teeth while the patient waits."

Laser Dentistry of North Jersey
Richard L. Bucher, DMD
9 Post Road STE d-5, Oakland | 201.465.4213



Question: My achIlles tendon Is straIned. should I be concerned?


The Achilles tendon allows the ankle and foot to push off when walking, standing on our tiptoes and it also gives us the “spring’ in our step. compared with other tendons, it is under tremendous stress and crucial for running, jumping and normal ambulation.  with conservative care, most simple strains should resolve within four weeks. As a general rule, steroid injections should be avoided and the definitive long-term success of blood-spinning techniques (PRP) requires additional research and is currently not covered by many insurance carriers.

Ruptures usually require surgery, several months of rehabilitation and can be a career-changing event for high-performance athletes. Surgery is performed as an outpatient and involves suturing the two ends together. Acute Achilles ruptures are often not diagnosed expeditiously and complex secondary reconstruction is required.

Achilles tendon disorders and lower extremity injuries should be evaluated by an orthopedic leg ankle and foot specialist. I completed an orthopedic leg, ankle and foot fellowship at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York city—the orthopedic hospital ranked number one in the nation—and have been part of the orthopedic team for most New York professional sports organizations. A former athlete myself, I often treat high-performance patients and injured weekend warriors.

Orthopedic Spine & Sports Medicine Center
Paul Kovatis, M.D., AOFAS
2 Forrest Avenue , Paramus NJ | 201-587-1111




Question: Summer Is around the corner and I really don’t want to shave anymore. what do you recommend?


Any hair-growing region  and all skin types can be effectively treated. And while it’s possible to start a laser hair removal program in the summer, it’s better to do so in the cooler months when there is less sun exposure.

Although hair reduction is seen immediately, several treatments are usually needed to obtain the desired result. Body areas treatments should be spaced at six-to-eight week intervals and facial areas every four weeks. People should only go to an experienced professional who is adept at factoring in individual skin pigment with the time of year to determine the appropriate laser setting. For example, sun-kissed and darker natural skin requires a YAG (yttrium-aluminum•garnet) setting (short-pulsed, high-energy beams) that won’t compromise the natural pigment. I am a board-certified internist with subspecialty training in cosmetics as well as pulmonary medicine and critical care – and perform all laser procedures myself.

We also just moved to a new, state-of-the-art facility in Hillsdale, and invite you to visit. In addition to hair removal, we offer treatment options for acne, spider vein removal, dermal fillers, Botox® and more.

Laurene Dipasquale, M.D.





Question: I had to vIsIt an emergency room recently when I couldn’t reach my son’s doctor, but It took forever and the bIll was astronomIcal. Is there a better optIon?


Yes. unfortunately, as the demand for primary care has grown and the numbers of practitioners has dropped over the last few years, it’s become increasingly difficult to get a timely appointment. As a result, folks are often ignoring their health or making trips to emergency rooms.

Recently, we opened a walk-in, urgent care facility in Paramus called The doctors’ office that is open 365 days a year – and the response has been tremendous. It is owned by three board-certified emergency room physicians with over 30 years experience who, along with family practice and internal medicine physicians, have seen over 10,000 patients since the facility opened. The center can treat lacerations, fractures and provide Iv fluids—and even have x-ray and lab processing onsite.

Based on the obvious need, a second walk-in will be opening in west caldwell in late February, and we plan to open two more in northern Jersey in the near future. we also provide onsite wellness and nutritional services and have partnered with a doctor who is board certified in preventive and occupational medicine to provide expertise to area businesses and corporations.

The Doctors’ Office
Alvin Goldberg M.D.  | Anthony Ruvo M.D.  | Alvero AlBan M.D.
110 E Ridgewood Avenue, Paramus | 201.265.9500



Questions: If I have health challenges lIke TMJ, hypertensIon or lower back paIn, how can an upper cervIcal adjustment help?


Upper cervical care is the most cutting-edge form of chiropractic that focuses its treatment on the top two vertebrae in the neck because this area is essentially the “superhighway” for the nervous system. when these bones are misaligned, they can directly affect important functions of the brain like the balance of postural muscles, regulation of blood pressure, pain modulation and many, many more. Atlas orthogonal is the least invasive way to correct these misalignments and improve overall health while providing long-term results. once function is restored, symptoms improve. Results are felt throughout the entire body – including the lower back. In fact, patients with everyday issues, as well as difficult or unusual conditions, are often referred to us when other treatments fail.

Precision Upper Cervical Center of NJ
Dr. Robert Bello D.C.
20 Franklin Turnpike Ste 218, Waldwick | 201.857.5050






Question: I’ve been hearIng a lot about the use of stem cells In cosmetIc surgery. What’s that all about?


Although commonly referred to as stem cells, doctors are now using growth factors from platelet-rich protein (PRP) to remodel damaged skin and to smooth out fine facial lines, acne scaring and pigmentation. Autologous fat-derived stem cells are more effective for wound healing, remodeling of keloids, collagen stimulation and can be used along with the patient’s own fat as a more effective, safe filler in depressed areas after weight loss or to treat age damage. Because of its numerous cosmetic effects it is referred to as a ‘stem-cell facelift’ in europe, South America and Asia. It can also be used for a more natural means of breast augmentation and in numerous other dermatologic, cosmetic and medical conditions.

Bergen Aesthetics
Heripsime Ohanian, M.D., PH.D.
1 Kalisa Way, Suite 103, Paramus 201-265-9042




Question: I’m havIng hot flashes, InsomnIa, weIght gaIn, mood swIngs…help!


For many women, the symptoms associated with peri-menopause and menopause can create personal and physical havoc at a time in their lives that’s already filled with change: children leaving the home, demanding careers are peaking, physical body changes affecting intimate relationships, and more. It can be both a frightening and liberating time that completely alters how one relates to her own life.

The NJ women’s wellness center was created by dr. cindy Parnes, director of women’s Health, and Susan Albino, director of women’s Services, as a local resource where women can receive help navigating mid life and menopause. Both medical and emotional needs are addressed. Services offered are complete gynecological care; bio-identical hormone counseling; non-hormonal treatment options; genetic testing for breast, ovarian and colon cancer; vitamin and supplement counseling with a Phd in pharmacology; evaluation and management of weight gain; and solutions for managing the changes in skin, hair and personal style. Because each woman is uniquely different in her symptoms and concerns, the care is personalized and individualized. All women can find solutions that will empower them to take control of their health and well-being during this important time in their life.

NJ Women’s Wellness Center
Cindy Parnes, M.D.
Montvale Health Associates 305 West Grand Avenue, Suite 500, Montvale | 201.326.4766

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