Riding In Style

The Reyes girls of Dumont enjoy a fall ride through the neighborhood.
3 Riding In Style
Photo courtesy of @seyerinad

Life moves pretty quick, so Dumont resident and mother of three Danitza Reyes is cherishing every moment with her daughters. The family recently spent a relaxing afternoon in their neighborhood, and Mom captured this photo of the girls on their way to a nearby park. Saviana, 6, pedaled her way on a bike, while Kaley, 3, and Amelia, 2, rode alongside in a wagon. “This is a friendly reminder to do a fun activity with them and watch the magic happen,” Reyes says. “We go to the park, go apple picking or bake chocolate chip cookies. Those are our favorites this time of year.” For more of what’s going on around Bergen County, follow us on Instagram @bergenmagnj.

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