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Liany Farinas-Han, DMD | Smiles by Bergen Dental
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Dentistry is unquestionably one of the more sensitive fields in the practice of medicine. It’s not often you hear someone say “Oh, I love the dentist.” Dr. Liany Farinas-Han chuckles when recalling some of her favorites like “I would rather give birth than sit in this chair.” Or ”Sorry, nothing against you, but I hate this place.”

Fear of the dentist is real causing many who suffer from dental anxiety to avoid dental visits. But, serious medical concerns can arise from neglected dental care. Often dental fear stems from a previous bad experience, fear of the unknown or a lack of control. Establishing a positive relationship with the right team can put your fears to rest.

At Smiles By Bergen Dental, Dr. Farinas-Han has trained her team to build rapport by establishing open and honest communication that helps to identify which situations might trigger anxiety. Through education about the evolution of the latest technologies along with a step-by-step personalized oral healthcare plan, patients learn what to expect to ensure a safe and relaxed experience. Dentistry is much more than a routine check-up. Dentistry is a blend of artistry, compassion and technical expertise. Once that balance is established, the real magic begins with a clean bill of oral health and a beautiful, glowing smile.

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