The Face of Beauty: Koumudhi Eticala

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“Beauty and art go hand in hand,” says Koumudhi Eticala, owner of Sutra brow & lash studio. Eticala combined her business, artistic and cosmetology expertise to create a salon that focuses on the art of the eyes. From eyelash extensions and lash-lifts to eyebrow shaping and tinting, Sutras artists see each clients face as a canvas on which they can bring out their natural beauty through the art of eyebrow shaping and lash intensifying. When asked what makes her the proudest of her business, Eticala states that she is grateful for the experience she’s gained by running her own business. “It’s taught me how to expand on ideas to help others, to utilize these ideas on other aspects of my life as well as on different business models,” she says about her award- winning beauty bars, a space which Eticala calls her own personal expression of art.

Sutra Brow & Lash Bar
907 Main St.
Belmar, NJ

703 Broad St.
Shrewsbury, NJ