The Face of Boxing and Martial Arts: Vic Lashley

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What started out as a gym for adolescents aspiring to learn boxing and martial arts has grown into a multi-dimensional training facility for all ages. Southpaw Gym is the vision of Vic Lashley, a former Army Boxer/Kick Boxer, corrections officer, and natural athlete who now trains celebrities, professional athletes and “white collar” enthusiasts. “We train business owners, CEOs, doctors, accountants and real estate agents who love the science of boxing and martial arts, but don’t want to fight,” he says. “No one wants to walk into a boardroom with a black eye.” Lash and his wife, Steph, oversee Southpaw, and they’re proud of touching lives, especially through their Non-Profit Ringside Rescue Advocates for at-risk youth. For adults, Southpaw’s eclectic classes include Boxing, Muay Thai, Real Life Silat Self-Defense, Personal Training and more.

Southpaw Gym
32 Hwy 35
Neptune, NJ 07753