The Face of Good Sleep Through Dentistry: Michael T. Varallo

HoHoKus Dental Associates

DR. MICHAEL VARALLO PASSIONATELY believes in the oral systemic connection. Oral infections, specifically periodontitis, are serious diseases associated with diabetes, heart disease and even Alzheimer’s. An important part of integrative dental medicine looks at the entire patient and, in particular, the correlation between oral health and proper sleep.

Today, sleep disorders including snoring and sleep apnea are an epidemic in the United States. Proper sleep effects all areas of the body and is the gateway to good health and longevity. Dr. Varallo has been working with sleep patients since 1995 and is highly recognized amongst a small number of specialists in the field.

“Patients can develop breathing and airway disorders at any age. Factors such as chronic congestion, mouth breathing, allergies and improper tongue position are all possible causes of airway obstruction,” says Dr. Varallo. “An open airway for proper breathing is fundamental to oral systemic wellness.”

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