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Rehan Ali, MD | Complete Pain & Spine Institute
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Living with constant pain can impact a person’s physical and mental health, leading to a decrease in overall quality of life. Dr. Rehan Ali specializes in minimally invasive solutions to treat the root cause of both acute or chronic pain experienced by his patients and impedes their daily wellbeing. He founded the Complete Pain & Spine Institute, a leading pain management practice, so that people experiencing debilitating pain can be treated with the utmost integrity, compassion and honesty.

Double board certified in interventional pain medicine and anesthesiology, Dr. Ali develops individualized, multi-modal plans that address all aspects of a patient’s pain management needs, specifically lower back, neck, joint and post-surgical pain. He uses cutting edge technology and treatments including ultrasound guided injections, regenerative medicine and spinal cord stimulation to help manage and resolve pain issues with an emphasis on functional restoration. Additionally, he is a vascular specialist who successfully treats varicose veins for leg pain, restless legs, leg heaviness and cramping. Dr. Ali strives to get his patients back to doing the things they enjoy on a daily basis free of aches and pains.

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