The Face of Today's Butcher Shop: Stewart Goldstein

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Monmouth Meats, owned by Stewart Goldstein, is Jersey Shore’s hot spot for prime and choice meats that are undisputedly a cut above the rest. “If my customer is particular, I’m twice as particular in what I sell,” says Goldstein, also known as the Mayor of Meatbook, a Facebook group of meat enthusiasts. “It’s simple,” he says. “I sell good stuff.” Repeat customers flock to Stewart for his burger blends, impressive bone-in ribeye Tomahawk Steak, American Wagyu Beef and Japanese Kobe A-5 NY Strip, among other meats which are also featured on the popular lunch menu and catering packages. Stewart says he’s fortunate to have trained with the best butchers in the business, “I learned from the old timers, like my dad, who knew their meat.”

Monmouth Meats
112 Monmouth St.
Red Bank, NJ 07701