Your Biggest Pet Peeves… at the Mall

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Whether you go during the holidays or any given day, shopping is always in season. We asked our readers what irks them most while braving Bergen’s malls. You’ll be nodding right along to some of their responses— but hey, nothing beats tax-free clothing, right?

“Going to the mall and seeing 100 parking spots roped off for valet parking is so frustrating, especially when 20 cars are driving looking for a spot!” —Ellen Rosenwald, Glen Rock

“I hate when people are looking for a shirt or sweater and ruin the display by unfolding every one of them. They leave a mess like a maid is right there to clean it all up.” —Nausil Zaheer, Ridgewood

“The hordes of teenagers who pay for one movie, wander into another and then talk through the entire thing—they drive me insane!” —Andrew Lenahan, Ramsey

“I hate when the people walking in front of you stop dead in their tracks, so you slam into them! It’s either because they are on their phones or just not paying attention to those around them.” —Jill Donnelly Bennett, North Arlington

“When there’s a long line and you’re trying to check out, and the person in front of you goes into a lengthy conversation with a salesperson or tries to return an item without a receipt.” —Anna S., Fort Lee

“The people at the kiosks who call out to you to try their products can be very disturbing, especially after you say ‘No, thanks’ and they keep asking.” —Doreen Schlett, Glen Rock

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