A Mural for BLM

The Black Lives Matter movement now has a permanent home in Teaneck thanks to its brand-new, community-organized mural.
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Photo courtesy of @blmxteaneck


A handful of Bergen County towns hosted some well-attended Black Lives Matter rallies over the summer, and Teaneck now has a more permanent fixture to honor the movement. Over the weekend, an official Black Lives Matter mural was painted on the overflow parking lot on Palisade Avenue next to Votee Park. And members of BLM Teaneck, an unofficial extension of BLM Bergen County that was established in August, were there to take part in the exciting moment. “The mural project was done in cooperation with the Phillip Pannell Foundation, an organization run by the family of a Black teenager shot and killed by Teaneck police in the ’90s,” says the social media director of the Instagram account. “We’re very happy that we unified the community with this mural, and plan on using the space for more community activities and events.” Pictured here on the left is Odein, a BLM Teaneck organizer and member of the BLM Mural Committee, and his friend. For more of what’s going on around Bergen County, follow us on Instagram @bergenmagnj.

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