Going with the Grain

Give your side dishes extra kick with one of these distinctive rice types.

Saffron rice

What it is: Regular basmati rice is mixed with the coveted spice to produce a tasty complement to many ethnic meals—particularly Indian and Middle Eastern fare.
Calories: 150 (1⁄4 cup)
Fiber: less than 1 gram

Purple sticky rice

What it is: The sweetly flavored Thai export has earned a reputation for being a dessert rice, but also pairs well with seafood or pork. It takes on an eye-catching deep indigo color when cooked.
Calories: 170 (1⁄4 cup)
Fiber: 0 grams

Bamboo rice

What it is: Short-grain white rice meets an infusion of bamboo juice, resulting in an enticing light-green tinge. Bamboo rice is ideal as a colorful side dish or for use in sushi and other sticky-rice dishes.
Calories: 160 (1⁄4 cup)
Fiber: 10 grams

Bhutanese red rice

What it is: This exotic Himalayan crop offers a soft, nutty taste, plus a good dose of potassium and magnesium. Pair it with lighter dishes such as poultry, fish or vegetables.
Calories: 150 (1⁄4 cup)
Fiber: 2 grams

Venere black rice

What it is: Chinese in origin but grown in Italy, this striking ebony-hued whole grain makes an excellent companion to seafood or meat.
It’s high in fiber and slightly chewy in texture.
Calories: 190 (1⁄4 cup)
Fiber: 7 grams



Wehani brown rice

What it is: A rich, aromatic grain with a strong nutty flavor, it goes especially well with fruits and other sweet ingredients, but also works well in pilafs, stuffings and a range of side dishes. When cooked, the rice adopts a reddish hue and gives off an enticing popcorn-like scent.
Calories: 170 (1⁄4 cup)
Fiber: 3 grams

Carolina gold rice

What it is: An old-time American favorite, this long-grain rice first arrived in this country in the late 1600s. Though it fell out of favor during the Great Depression (barely escaping extinction), the 1980s brought on a revival of the versatile rice, which takes on a range of flavors andtextures—from fluffy to sticky—depending how it’s cooked.
Calories: 160 (1⁄4 cup)
Fiber: 1 gram

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