Monmouth Award Winners


Welcome back, 'copters

There's good news for the occasional patient who requires a quick transfer to or from Monmouth Medical Center: On the grounds of Long Branch Middle and High Schools, located down the street from the hospital, the helicopters are back.

Downturn blues

It’s no surprise that money and the state of the economy are two top sources of emotional stress for 80 percent of Americans, according to the American Psychological Association. Fortunately, help is available.

Wake, paddle & troll

Not quite ready to cruise the Amazon? Save yourself the airfare and discover local natural wonders

Fighting the H1N1 Flu

Influenza—the flu—is a health concern every autumn, but it’s a special worry this season, as infectious-disease specialists prepare for the return of the much-discussed H1N1 (“swine flu”) virus first seen earlier this year.

Special care for kids' bad breaks

What’s rare is to find, once you reach the hospital, that there’s a specially trained pediatric orthopedic surgeon there to treat children’s bone or joint injuries.

Goodbye, back pain

Elizabeth Maldonado had tried all kinds of medical treatments for the chronic back pain that had plagued her since 2005.

Happy hospital?

We may not care much if the grocer is grumpy or the mailman is morose. But when we trust hospital staffers with our life and health, we’d like them to be at their best.

Clothes minded

Earth friendly clothing in Monmouth is closer than you think.

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