Mother and Daughter Challenge: Complete Online Journals

Follow Jeanne and Kate as they embark on their transformations.

Meet Jeanne and Kate Martin of Haworth, the two fabulous women that were chosen to take part in our three-month challenge. With dedicated jobs at nonprofit organizations Kate and Jeanne admit that the passion that they have for their clients leaves them with little time to be passionate about taking care of themselves. And that's where Bergen Health & Life fits in.

Since September our expert Makeover Advisory Panel has been meeting with Jeanne and Kate to transform the way that they look and feel. While it seems glamorous on paper, Jeanne and Kate wil be the firsts to tell you that it takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Read their weekly journals that have been compiled below to find out how these two very busy women are fitting health and fitness into their lifestyles, and the changes that have taken place already.

Makeover Duo


WEEKS ONE & TWO– After getting over the initial shock of being chosen as our winning pair, Jeanne and Kate embark on the makeover journey.

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WEEK THREE: Both Jeanne and Kate notice significant weightloss which helps to keep them movtivated. 

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WEEK FOUR: Jeanne's appoinments with Dr. Song are in full swing and the initial pain leads to great results.

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WEEK FIVE: After more appointments at the gym, dentist and aesthetic medicine practioner, Jeanne and Kate reflect on the makeover process.

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WEEK SIX: Even during this hectic week Jeanne and Kate made time to workout and focus on themselves and the makeover process.

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WEEK SEVEN: Share in Jeanne's excitement as she slips into a size 10 dress for the first time in 15 years.

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WEEK EIGHT: In addition to regular workouts Jeanne and Kate make time for cosmetic dentistry appointments to enhance their smiles.

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WEEK TEN: Those in Jeanne's and Kate's lives are really starting to notice a difference. Some don't even recognize them!

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Meet the team who has made this all possible–Bergen Health & Life's Makeover Advisory Panel!

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