Mother and Daughter Challenge: Online Journal Week 4

Follow along as our Mother/Daughter duo write about their experiences.

Mother and Daughter Challenge: Jeanne's Online Journal

Journal for Bergen Health and Life – Week 4 – Jeanne Martin

9/9/11 – Friday

Look pretty awful!  My face is red, puffy and greasy!  Fortunately Dr. Song let me know what to expect so I was ready for this.   I kind of liked the shocked look on everyone’s face at work when first saw me…


9/11/11- Sunday

Very moving service at Church today with a very uplifting message of hope and compassion.


9/12/11 – Monday

Canceled appointment with Spain until next week – I don’t think it would be a good thing to be sweating with my face so raw.

First appointment at River Edge Dental Associates – We had pictures and x-rays and met the staff – they were all so eager to work with us.  Kate and I are really getting used to being celebrities!


9/13/11 – Tuesday

 PVMOW Subsidy Committee meeting at 10 that went right into the Executive Board Meeting at 1:00 that ended at 4:30 – Way to long!


9/14/11 – Wednesday

Dr. Song is pleased with the results and so am I.  Now I have a daily cleaning/moisturizing/sun screen routine. 


9/15/11 – Thursday

Meeting with the American Diabetes Association of New Jersey in Bridgewater about our Meals on Wheels outreach program for the Ramapough-Lenape Community in Mahwah.  The ADA has terrific programs for diabetes management and education in minority communities. 


9/17/11 – Friday

Had lunch with my Mom and my son Cliff in Hoboken and toured Cliff’s new apartment.  5:00 appointment with Daniela at Araya rebirth.

Working with Daniela is going to be a lot of fun!  I’m disappointed that we won’t have to meet with her again until December.  Kate and I had such a wonderful time talking with her about so many things I almost forgot we were there about having our hair and makeup done!  I liked her instantly!


"Dr. Song is pleased with the results and so am I."
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