Mother and Daughter Challenge: Online Journal Week 5

In week 5 Jeanne and Kate continue to learn more about themselves while transforming their appearances.

Mother and Daughter Challenge: Jeanne's Online Journal

Journal for Bergen Health and Life – Week 5/6– Jeanne Martin

9/18/11 – Sunday 



9/19/11 – Monday 

Hosted members of the Bergen LEADS program.  Told them about PVMOW and shared about the makeover.  Interesting group- a  – Neil Tow a Rabbi, Michelle, a program Director from the CHEER program, a non-profit; Lisa, a graphic designer from United Water; and a Chris from ProMedia Technologies.  (found out later we served the best food!)

Met with Spain – Not terrible – I could walk out at least!


9/20/11 –Tuesday

Only lost ½ LB – oh well at least it’s a loss!


9/21/11 – Wednesday

Dr. Song is pleased with the results and so am I.  Now I have a daily cleaning/moisturizing/sun screen routine.  Now were getting rid of extra skin at my jaw line.  I go back in 2 weeks.


9/22/11 – Thursday 

Program Directors meeting in Hackensack/Board meeting in Westwood and the Bergenfest  with Kate.  Wonderful event – ran into some of my volunteers; Mom’s from old Haworth School days, people from Pascack Valley Hospital that I worked with, people I’ve known from other non-profits, and of course members of our make over team, Dr. Song and Carol from Omni Aestetics; Spain our trainer and Jane our Reiki Master from Active Center for Health and Wellness; and Daniella from Araya Rebirth. Got a great massage from Jane!


9/24/11 – Saturday

Fundraiser at the Elks –  One lady noticed a change in my face right away!  I guess it’s working


9/27/11 – Tuesday

Lost 1 and ½ lbs!  – Down about 8 lbs so far!  All of my pants are too big and my sweatpants fell down last night when I was walking up the stairs!


9/29/11 –  Thursday

Teeth Whitening – They look great – it took a little longer than I thought – but they look beautiful.  Stopped at Ginger and Spice to find a dress for a wedding in 2 weeks.  They were very helpful!

Kate and I had a long talk tonight about the makeover – The best part of this entire thing is that we are doing it together.  We talk every day and support each other when one of is having a hard day.

Thank you Bergen Health and Life!  This is a chance of a lifetime!


"The best part of this entire thing is that we are doing it together."
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